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Where Is the YOU in Your Performance?

March 16, 2011 Teri Sica

When people ask me why their performance is suffering, I almost always find the missing piece is their authenticity.

So what happens and why do we get so stuck?  It’s more about the emotional parts of who we are than the intellectual component.  I think it’s almost always related to the fear of being judged, the fear of failing, making mistakes, and sometimes even the fear of succeeding.

It seems like the common theme boils down to the fear of our own vulnerability – the fear of revealing our weakness.  This is why it takes much introspection, insight, and learning to effectively manage our fear so that we can become more authentic in all of the roles we perform.


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The Challenge – Maintaining Your Authenticity To Enjoy the Holidays

December 21, 2010 Teri Sica

What greater challenge than being able to maintain your authenticity during holiday time, right?  After all, this is when outside pressures are everywhere – at work, in families, social situations, you name it!   So, whatever happened to enjoying the beauty of the holiday season?

I can’t tell you how many times I hear people stressing out about all of the expectations and how they are going to divide up their time, budget, and loyalties to satisfy everyone.

Whether you’re stressing about your company holiday party, your family loyalties, or your budget, I suggest you evaluate your choices to see if these are aligned with who “you” are and let’s remember – you DO have choices.  Let’s not forget about that!  As you make choices, listen to that authentic inner voice and go with your intuition.  Check out how often you’re in the “should” mode.  Instead, think about what’s real for YOU.


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“Discovering Authenticity” with Teri Sica

November 29, 2010 Teri Sica

Discovering Authenticity” is the name of my talk radio show and has become the basis of my work as a psychotherapist and coach.  I continue to learn through my own journey and through my work, that living authentically is a huge challenge with great rewards.

With all of the outside pressures and expectations in the roles that we perform at work, at home, as parents, leaders, spouses, it’s easy to get lost or derailed.  We can’t perform effectively in any of these roles when we aren’t authentic.

For the past 28 years or more, I’ve learned from my clients that authenticity is what we all struggle with most.  I see it every day, whether I’m working with martial conflicts, communication roadblocks, eating disorders, social anxiety, performance anxiety, you name it!  All boils down to fear of simply “being” in the moment.

As I frequently say on my talk show and to my clients, “Authenticity is basic, but far from simple”.


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