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The World of Recruiting Is Changing… Are You?

April 19, 2012 Meghan Vincent

When most people think of social networking, they think of sites like Facebook and Twitter – and how those sites help them to connect with friends, family and perfect strangers alike.  Often left out of the conversation is LinkedIn, a social site that is most often thought of as an online rolodex and an electronic resume combined into one.  What most professionals don’t realize, however, is that LinkedIn is the fastest growing public provider of recruiting services in the corporate sector.

The site’s greatest benefit – to both organizations and potential job candidates – is that it allows for recruiters to search through an entire database of active AND passive job candidates.  This means that companies are no longer limited to sifting through the applications of those who found the job post enticing.  Instead, they can search the profile of every LinkedIn user (about 150 million) for the keywords and specific qualifications that they feel to be most important.


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Network Purposefully

March 2, 2011 Ed Evarts - Guest Author

Networking Purposefully - Richard Levin & Associates

We often find ourselves in situations that are new and unexplored.  Sometimes we stubbornly continue with an activity which to date has yielded little result.  Whether you are going out on a blind date, sending a self-addressed envelope to the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, or attending your umpteenth networking event, you are investing a lot of time and energy into these activities.  When asked why, you often take a breath, think for a moment, and say, “Well, you never know…”

Perhaps it is part of our cultural conversation.  When in need of a response to justify our decision to take an action on something, “you never know” is an easy answer.

Mary:     “Hi, Bob.  What are you up to these days?”

Bob: “Not much, Mary.  I was thinking of going to a networking event Thursday evening.”

Mary: “Sounds good and I wish I could go, but I can’t.  What do you hope to get out of going?”

Bob: “Not sure, but you never know…”

Take a moment to think about the phrase “you never know.”  When do you typically use it?  What feelings do the phrase “you never know” create for you?  Do you feel a powerful sense of purpose and energy?  Or do you feel a sense of randomness and lethargy?


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