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It’s Time to Act: Ending Sexual Harassment in Nonprofit Organizations

February 28, 2018 Richard Levin

By Richard J. Levin and Sara E. Miller

“That’s simply the way he is. Just don’t find yourself alone in an elevator with him!”

We heard this from the CEO of a nonprofit organization who was given advice about a key donor during her first day on the job. She was receiving “the talk” so many nonprofit professionals have heard before, as if to explain away predatory behavior as the cost of doing business.

In listening to clients and confidants, we have learned that inappropriate sexual behaviors and repugnant power dynamics are playing out not only in Hollywood and government, but in the nonprofit space as well.


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Ethics and the Business Decision-Making of Today’s Leaders

December 6, 2011 Dr. Johnny Magwood - Guest Author

Ethics in Business Decision Making

The people who work in both large and small corporations are typically a reflection of society. Workers and leaders that enter the workforce bring with them personal, family, and community ethics and values.  From an ethical perspective, there are two elements worth considering: ethical approach and ethical referent.  Ethical approaches include principles, rationale, and standards that individuals portray when facing an ethical decision.  Within the decision-making process, people include their egos, a sense of benevolence, and a principled philosophy.  Ethical referents are the building blocks of an individual’s ethical concerns, or the stage of scrutiny supporting a person’s ethical decision-making.  Unfortunately, many business decisions are made with irrational foundations.  Good ethical decisions are not always beneficial to an individual or profitable for a firm, however, good ethical decision-making is good for society and is a requirement for good leadership.


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What Happened to Wisdom?

October 12, 2011 Richard Levin

We need leadership; leaders who lead; government; Occupy Wall Street; Obama; Democrat; Republican

Before the last Presidential election, Barrie Greiff and I wrote a Boston Business Journal column about the disappointing lack of wisdom displayed by the candidates for President.  Sadly, not much has changed on the political landscape, and the situation may be trending toward a disturbing disconnect between wisdom and leadership.

Wise leadership is dependent on the vision of a transformative leader.  We don’t have transformative leaders in Washington, in part because they are busier knocking each other down than explaining to us what they stand for and what they would do differently.


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Are You A Fitness Inspiration, Or Just The Boss?

June 27, 2011 Anne Etra - Guest Author

Fitness and Leadership

There’s a guy at the club where I play tennis who’s a bit of a lunatic on the court.  His footwork is nimble, his hitting aggressive and he runs around fiercely, raising his voice and spewing the occasional expletive.

What I admire about him is his attitude to fitness.

As President and CEO of a successful architectural materials firm in New York City, he’s got the pressure of running a competitive, high-end business.   He takes his fitness seriously, rising most weekdays at 5:30am to get in an hour of exercise that includes strength training and cardiovascular work.  His philosophy is that this keeps his body lean and strong, his brain sharp and his movement agile and energetic, which in turn makes him fitter to lead.  He also considers these sessions ‘stress-relievers’ as they provide an hour of uninterrupted quiet before the madness of the day begins.


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Google’s CEO Discusses the Value of a Coach

June 24, 2011 Richard Levin

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt discusses the importance of hiring an executive coach, noting that having someone to provide perspective and help you to reach your full potential is not an indication that something is wrong.  A coach’s role is, as Schmidt explains, to help the client see him/herself as they appear to others … and to assess if (and how) changes should be made.

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Powerful, Persuasive Book Captures New Reality in Customer Care

May 23, 2011 Richard Levin

Book Review: Wired and Dangerous, by Chip R. Bell and John R. Patterson.

Wired and Dangerous, Chip Bell and John Patterson

I have distinct childhood memories of my grandparents sharing the latest news with their neighbors.  I remember my grandmother tapping on the pipes in her apartment to summon her upstairs neighbor to a conversation.  And I recall my grandfather talking to friends over the back fence, and my grandmother chatting with neighbors across their mutual clothesline strung across their backyards.

We’ve gone from clothesline to online in communicating the latest information.  And while my grandparents had the quaint opportunity to share product and service reviews over the back fence, their customer experiences reached a miniscule fraction of the consumers we can reach today with merely the click of a mouse.

Thus is the premise of Chip Bell and John Patterson’s powerful and persuasive book, Wired and Dangerous.  The title is apt.  Today’s customers can bring a business to its knees by virally spreading a negative consumer review online.  Wired and Dangerous is full of real-life narratives of customers distributing stories about their horrific experiences.  But more than that, Wired and Dangerous issues a siren call to the business world: treat your customers with respect, and you will thrive; treat them poorly and you will lose market share and earnings literally in an instant.


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True Leadership: Do As I Say AND As I Do

October 13, 2010 Richard Levin

5RJHS5RTRZ86 Full disclosure here: it has taken me a while to get used to our new tagline, Leadership on Point. Earlier this year we hired a strategic marketing firm (Rumbletree, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire) that provided us with our new logo (which we all like) and two tag lines to choose from. We couldn’t decide between the two, so we chose both: Lead by Example, and Leadership on Point. The first one immediately resonated for me; it is the principle upon which I built our firm’s foundation 25 years ago, and I believe it is what has always set us apart from our competitors. We say what we do, and we do what we say. But this Leadership on Point concept wasn’t completely obvious until I started trying it out this summer on radio interviews (particularly on Teri Sica’s show) and in conference and trade show speeches. As audiences enthusiastically responded to the message, I realized Leadership on Point was the message we’ve been delivering all along. It is just shorthand for “saying what we do and doing what we say”. We get to the point quickly. We stay focused. We pride ourselves on being fair, honest, and direct in our interactions with our clients. We set realistic, clear expectations. And we show respect for our clients’ limited time. Bottom line? Our objective is to ignite a spark that motivates our clients to be catalysts for change. Our goal is to build healthier workplaces, families, communities, and schools. We do indeed Lead by Example. And it is all, very much, Leadership on Point.

Written by RLA Associate Richard Levin.

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Brand New Look and Feel

September 7, 2010 Richard Levin

In baseball, they call it Opening Day.  On Broadway, it’s Opening Night.  Here in the Blogosphere, we’ll simply call it our Grand Re-Opening.  After 5 years with the same logo and annually-tweaked website – and after 25 years in business – we thought it was time for a bit of a re-packaging: more than a facelift, but less than a reinvention.  We’ve grown a lot in 25 years, most of it incremental.  But now it feels like we’re about to take a Richard Levin & Associates, Leadership On Point, executive coaching, coachesquantum leap.  We’re certainly not the only ones jumping on the digital bandwagon; it seems like everyone and everything is moving forward at the speed of light.  But we may be the first in the executive coaching and leadership world to embrace a variety of new opportunities that will likely change the way we all live and work.  In the weeks and blogs ahead, you’ll be reading posts here by a variety of distinguished authors who will tell you about our entry into the world of e-care (with our strategic healthcare partner, SAP, the world’s largest business software company), digital media (with our partners, Buzzards Bay Productions and ExStream Solutions), and social media (we are launching a new coaching & consulting division to help businesses make the most effective use of new media).  It is an exciting time for us here at RLA – and our new logo, new tag lines (Lead by Example, and Leadership on Point), new blog, refreshed website, and new services will make workplaces better places to work and make families, communities, and schools stronger.  Please join us!  We want to hear from you.



Written by Dr. Richard Levin, President of Richard Levin & Associates. He can be reached at rlevin@richardlevinassociates.com.

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