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The Power of Story

October 1, 2010 Bob Glover

This is my mantra…

In the telling of stories we validate our experience and create the context that leads to better understanding.

Most of us don’t realize the power of our stories.

We organize our lives through stories.  They are the “Roots” story of your family that gives your life some sort of historical context and identity.  They are the intimate, personal stories you tell yourself when you look in the mirror every morning.  It is the story you represent in your interactions with business partners and loved ones.  This is big stuff!

When you close an important deal did you ever stop to ask yourself what did that investor, what did the customer, what did my child just “buy.”  You were good… you were clear on the features and benefits… you had all the statistics… the numbers were great… the plan was tight.  But what did they really buy?

I would suggest that all of those details are important, but your investor, your child, that customer didn’t buy the detail.  They bought the story behind those details and that includes you as the storyteller.

So, Who are we as storytellers?  How do we choose the stories we tell?  Where do we tell our stories?  How well do we tell those stories?

Can you feel yourself sliding down the slippery slope of executive presence, personal brand, effective communications?  I hope so.  Where do you want to go next?

Disclaimer:  Like a carpenter with a hammer who sees everything as a nail.  I am a storyteller…

Written by RLA Associate Bob Glover. You can contact Bob at: bob@buzzardsbay.tv
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Brand New Look and Feel

September 7, 2010 Richard Levin

In baseball, they call it Opening Day.  On Broadway, it’s Opening Night.  Here in the Blogosphere, we’ll simply call it our Grand Re-Opening.  After 5 years with the same logo and annually-tweaked website – and after 25 years in business – we thought it was time for a bit of a re-packaging: more than a facelift, but less than a reinvention.  We’ve grown a lot in 25 years, most of it incremental.  But now it feels like we’re about to take a Richard Levin & Associates, Leadership On Point, executive coaching, coachesquantum leap.  We’re certainly not the only ones jumping on the digital bandwagon; it seems like everyone and everything is moving forward at the speed of light.  But we may be the first in the executive coaching and leadership world to embrace a variety of new opportunities that will likely change the way we all live and work.  In the weeks and blogs ahead, you’ll be reading posts here by a variety of distinguished authors who will tell you about our entry into the world of e-care (with our strategic healthcare partner, SAP, the world’s largest business software company), digital media (with our partners, Buzzards Bay Productions and ExStream Solutions), and social media (we are launching a new coaching & consulting division to help businesses make the most effective use of new media).  It is an exciting time for us here at RLA – and our new logo, new tag lines (Lead by Example, and Leadership on Point), new blog, refreshed website, and new services will make workplaces better places to work and make families, communities, and schools stronger.  Please join us!  We want to hear from you.



Written by Dr. Richard Levin, President of Richard Levin & Associates. He can be reached at rlevin@richardlevinassociates.com.

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