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I Choose To Love Snow

February 9, 2011 Jim Desrosiers

Executive Coaching, Richard Levin & Associates, Self-Improvement

Winter is here…and there’s still a long way to go…so choose to love it.

From previous blogs or our work together, you’ve learned how choosing to have a positive attitude is critical to your success and overall happiness.  Yes, you choose happiness.

Remember, your attitude will drive your actions, which produces your results.

So, whatever happens in business, at school, at home, and …yes…even with the weather, you must find a way to remain positive.  Now, don’t get me wrong. When I wake up on a Wednesday morning and there’s another foot of snow to get rid of before my two hour commute to Boston, I’m not singing “Winter Wonderland”…not immediately.  But I have conditioned myself to breathe when I feel stress rising, and then accept what I cannot change.  Then, instead of dwelling on all of the negative attributes of the situation (that I can’t control anyway), I instead choose to reflect on that which is positive.  Take Winter for example.  With snow shoes and the right clothing, there’s nothing better. Shoveling equals forced exercise (which most of us need). Deer frequent my yard. The fireplace will be going this weekend with family, hot chocolate and whipped cream…ahhh! For commuters, download an audio book and actually enjoy the ride.  I chose to live in New England…and I love it.  I accept and embrace Winter as part of what makes home a special place.  What will you do this weekend to ensure you enjoy this remarkable season?  Go sledding?  Build a snowman?  Shovel snow for an elderly neighbor?  Host a Winter block party with a backyard bonfire?  If you disagree with this blog and are overcome with the intense desire to throw a snowball in my direction, then use that as a sign that you need to carve out some time to readjust your attitude towards Winter…or whatever is causing your negativity.  After all, this isn’t just about Winter.



Written by RLA Associate, executive coach and acclaimed speaker Jim Desrosiers, M.M. For more information, please visit www.GROWTHco.com.