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Good News from Richard Levin & Associates


It is with both happiness and humility that I share the good news that Richard Levin & Associates has been named by Forbes for the second year in a row as one of America’s best management consulting firms. What makes me truly happy about this is that we are the only executive coaching firm on the Forbes list, and we were nominated through an independent and confidential survey of  business executives who were asked by Forbes to identify the best management consulting firms out of nearly 50,000 small and large consultancies nationwide.

Richard Levin & Associates (RLA) is truly a dynamic and diverse community. Our team includes more than 35 leadership coaches, media coaches, career/transition coaches, and management consultants who have created a warm, welcoming culture of collaboration and creativity. Our team consists of compassionate, wise, kind people with deep experience in business and organizational behavior.



Leading this exceptional team on a day-to-day basis is Sara Miller. I am also delighted to announce that Sara now has a title that more accurately reflects the breadth and scope of her work at RLA. Sara is now our company’s Managing Director, overseeing much of RLA’s operations, communications, and marketing. Sara continues to be the primary link to our award-winning cadre of coaches, she collaborates with our Business Manager Steve Curbow on the  development of coaching agreements, she advises our “ghost Tweeter” Bob Glover on social media, and she serves as the principal connection to our esteemed and much-appreciated clients. New to Sara’s portfolio is that she is now also providing direct service to our clients as a facilitator and consultant.

And, finally: I am thrilled to acknowledge that our good friends at CFAR, the extraordinary consulting firm with whom we have a deeply valued alliance, made the Forbes list for the third year in a row. CFAR began as the Center for Applied Research inside the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, before becoming a management consulting firm in 1987. One of the things that most impresses me about CFAR is their unique way of combining business insights with a deep understanding of the human systems that make organizations tick. The bottom line is that CFAR gives their clients, some of whom are shared with RLA, new ways of thinking about their organizations, and the skills and tools to sustain lasting performance.