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Achieve Your Goals in 2011

January 5, 2011 Jim Desrosiers

Wow!  2010 for most of us was pretty rough.  The economy bottomed out.  It started to rise off the floor…barely…and has stalled.  Sure, there’s business being done and money still to be made, but only for those who are “playing to win” instead of “playing not to lose“.  You can win in 2011…here’s how:

#1 – People have a poor attitude about current conditions.  Remember the saying, “If you think you’re going to win, you’re right.  If you think you’re going to lose, you are also right!”  I agree, business has not been easy.  However, we need to stay committed to our beliefs that we can win, we have a valuable product or service with a beneficial value proposition to our clients, and that we will win…no matter what.  Question 1:  Do you &/or your team have the proper attitude and belief system to succeed?

#2 – People lack a game-plan.  It’s amazing to me that most people do not have written down goals for 2011.  Goals provide a crystal clear image of what you desire.  Goals should then be broken down into action steps.  Every action step should have a deadline date for completion and be scheduled into your calendar as a non-negotiable commitment.  This game-plan should also include a tracking system to monitor progress toward goals and allow you to adjust your actions or plan based on actual results. Remember, goals without a plan are just dreams.  And a plan without action is a lie!
Question 2:  Do you have your goals identified and game-plan ready to implement in 2011?

#3 – This one sounds self-serving, and to some degree it is.  On the east coast, less than 20% of all executives have a coach.  If you don’t use me as your coach, that’s fine.  But get a coach!  I’m a coach myself, and have a coach to hold ME accountable, to kick my butt when action steps aren’t completed on time, to share challenges and opportunities with a neutral, third party advisor who isn’t a part of my company or family.  The analogy I use is a Personal Trainer at the gym.  I know how to use the equipment and usually have a pretty good workout by myself.  However, when I use a Personal Trainer…doing the same exercises with the same equipment for the same period of time…I CAN’T WALK THE NEXT DAY!  A good coach or trainer will simply get you to focus on and execute the key things that continuously drive your goals and bottom line profits for your organization.
Question 3:  Do you agree that a coach can keep you focused and motivated to reach higher and higher levels of success?

So, there you have it.  Get goals.  Establish a game plan.  Invest in a coach.  Notice I said “invest”. GROWTHco programs are not traditional knowledge-based training.  You will pursue and achieve goals during the program that far outweigh the cost to participate.

Want to learn more? Join me and Pete Brock (former New England Patriot and new consultant at GROWTHco) at one of our free introductory workshops we’re conducting locally and we will put you through interactive exercises to get you started.  Call me at 978-827-3133 for more information or send me a message.

Prior to joining us, Pete Brock was a GROWTHco client working as a loan originator at Poli Mortgage Company.  Despite the poor economy, he tripled his sales within two months of starting our program.  Those results came directly from Pete’s willingness to invest in himself and his commitment to execute a winning game-plan that we created together.


Written by RLA Associate, executive coach and acclaimed speaker Jim Desrosiers, M.M. For more information, please visit www.GROWTHco.com.