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“Discovering Authenticity” with Teri Sica

November 29, 2010 Teri Sica

Discovering Authenticity” is the name of my talk radio show and has become the basis of my work as a psychotherapist and coach.  I continue to learn through my own journey and through my work, that living authentically is a huge challenge with great rewards.

With all of the outside pressures and expectations in the roles that we perform at work, at home, as parents, leaders, spouses, it’s easy to get lost or derailed.  We can’t perform effectively in any of these roles when we aren’t authentic.

For the past 28 years or more, I’ve learned from my clients that authenticity is what we all struggle with most.  I see it every day, whether I’m working with martial conflicts, communication roadblocks, eating disorders, social anxiety, performance anxiety, you name it!  All boils down to fear of simply “being” in the moment.

As I frequently say on my talk show and to my clients, “Authenticity is basic, but far from simple”.


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Leading from the Office is for Wimps!

November 5, 2010 Chip Bell - Guest Author

“You can pretend to care, you cannot pretend to be there,” wrote Texas Bix Bender in his book Don’t Squat With Yer Spurs On!

Bender was describing a vital feature of leadership—command presence.  People who spend more than twenty minutes in the military know the power of command presence.   Officer school candidates are drilled on the power and practice of the manner of a leader—focused, attentive, and most important, in attendance. Command presence is not about arms-length control, it is about a live connection.

Davy Crockett had command presence. “David Crockett seemed to be the leading spirit. He was everywhere,” wrote Enrique Esparza, eyewitness to The Alamo in a newspaper article following the legendary siege.  Great leaders are all about spirit…that is, being, not just doing. They focus on being there, everywhere, not in absentia. And, when they are there, they are all there…present and accounted for.


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The Death of Customer Service?

November 2, 2010 Meghan Vincent

Someone once told me, it’s not about not making mistakes … everyone makes mistakes. It’s how you respond to those mistakes that matter.

While this is true in all facets of life, it is especially relevant in business. It is unrealistic to assume that you will never make a mistake or be forced to face a disappointed consumer (or client). Something unexpected will happen – will go wrong – and it is up to you, as a business leader, to respond. If done quickly and appropriately, you can do more than simply salvage your company’s reputation. You could actually improve it immensely.


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