Leadership on Point

The Rebellious Customer, Part I (Part II is inevitable)

January 19, 2011 Richard Levin

Although Sirius XM Satellite Radio is beginning to emerge from its deep financial doldrums, it is remarkable they are surviving with their current business processes.  I realized the credit card I use to pay my XM bill was about to expire, so I went online to update my profile.  I encountered an error message that told me I couldn’t access my account because my credit card had to be updated.  They advised that I call XM Listener Cares, where I received a recording that “due to heavy call volume, we advise you to use our website to manage your account”.  Caught in a classic Catch 22, I sent an e-mail to Customer Service.  The response: “We apologize for the inconvenience.  Please go to our website to update your account.”  How can a company stay in business when you have to jump through hoops to pay them?………………………The Apple iPhone, in many ways the best phone I’ve ever owned, has a tendency to erase its own calendar.  If you have an iPhone, you might want to discuss this with Apple or AT&T…………………..Spirit Airlines’ decision to charge for carry-on luggage has to qualify for whatever award organizations give out for dumbest decision of the year.  Do you have other nominees?………When I checked in to a luxury hotel on a recent business trip, I entered my room and discovered a woman had checked in to my room before I did.  Some businessmen might find this a fantasy come true.  When I called the front desk, they sent Security to investigate.  Security tried to convince me the woman inside my room was my wife. My wife was not on this business trip.  I’m convinced Jerry Seinfeld’s Bizarro World is becoming reality.



Written by Dr. Richard Levin, President of Richard Levin & Associates. He can be reached at rlevin@richardlevinassociates.com.