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“Discovering Authenticity” with Teri Sica

November 29, 2010 Teri Sica

Discovering Authenticity” is the name of my talk radio show and has become the basis of my work as a psychotherapist and coach.  I continue to learn through my own journey and through my work, that living authentically is a huge challenge with great rewards.

With all of the outside pressures and expectations in the roles that we perform at work, at home, as parents, leaders, spouses, it’s easy to get lost or derailed.  We can’t perform effectively in any of these roles when we aren’t authentic.

For the past 28 years or more, I’ve learned from my clients that authenticity is what we all struggle with most.  I see it every day, whether I’m working with martial conflicts, communication roadblocks, eating disorders, social anxiety, performance anxiety, you name it!  All boils down to fear of simply “being” in the moment.

As I frequently say on my talk show and to my clients, “Authenticity is basic, but far from simple”.

It starts from an early age when we’re measured, graded and evaluated based upon our performance.  Part of this involves learning to mask unpleasant feelings, hiding weaknesses and vulnerabilities.   It’s also about self-protection when we perceive that we’re somehow threatened.    What does all of this teach us?   What messages are we getting if squashing ourselves is part of what it takes to succeed?  No wonder we get defensive, anxious and uncomfortable.   It’s the single most important reason that we get tangled up in fear and lose the ability to perform effectively.  There are too many consequences to name here.

Bottom line is there are many important authentic discoveries to be gained from everyday life struggles and challenges.   This is key to making sure your really aligned with who you are in all of the roles that you perform.  My working philosophy is that challenges are opportunities for authentic change and growth – IF we choose to utilize these.

More to come about “Discovering Authenticity” and the major role this plays in living a healthy and productive life at every level.

For now, I’d simply like to introduce the importance of  “Discovering Authenticity”.  Why?  Because I believe that when we’re authentic we’re at our best.   Better yet, there is no greater reward than the freedom to “be”.



Written by RLA Associate and radio personality Teri Sica. You can contact Teri at: terisica@comcast.net or tune in to her show on Saturday mornings at 10:30 on 95.9 WATD-FM.