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Presentations Skills Training is not enough!

February 15, 2013 Bob Glover

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We all accept the fact that the ability to communicate effectively is an important leadership skill.  We look to Presentation Skills training to help us become better communicators, but is presentation skills training enough?  The number of people who deliver bland, boring, and irrelevant presentations who say, “I’ve had presentation skills training.” is frightening.

In the standard presentation skills training, we learn how to create pictures with gestures and how to use space to bring our message to our audience.  We practice eye contact to engage our audience and begin to modulate our voice to convey our passion and commitment.  These techniques make us better presenters, not communicators.  What about the message?  Presentation Skills training is not an end in itself.


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The Point Of No Return

February 1, 2013 Richard Levin

We have reached the point of no return.  On phone calls and e-mails, I mean.  We have reached a point where so many of us are so busy that we don’t have time to respond to a phone message or e-mail.  We often have the best intention to reply, and we flag the message for later action.  But later becomes later, as work and the-rest-of-life get in the way.

Maybe it is embarrassment or maybe we really have nothing to say in reply, but a lot of us put off responding to a message until we “have something to say”.  Maybe you are calling someone about a decision that is supposed to be made about a business proposal, or you want to know what action was taken on something that was promised.  Rather than report that nothing has happened yet, we wait until there is actual news to report.  Which, more often than not, brings the other person to presume the news is not good and we don’t have the courage to say so.


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